Walland Heavy Research

Walland Heavy Research is a software consultancy that operates at the intersection of academia, industry, and open source.

  • We offer advanced technical consulting (strategy, design, and/or implementation) in our areas of expertise: distributed systems, advanced testing via formal methods, and program analysis developer tooling.
  • We help academics craft an open-source strategy for their research. (tl;dr: dual-license your work with a copyleft license!)
  • We productionize prototype “research-quality” software, both for entrepreneurial academics who wish to found companies around their research, and for established companies who wish to incorporate the academic state of the art into established products.
  • We provide “fractional OSPO” services, working with small- and medium-sized software firms to interact more healthily with the open source communities that they depend on.

All services are available for fixed-term engagements with specific deliverables, or on an ongoing retainer basis. If you are interested in discussing a potential engagement, please reach out via email:

📨 Contact via email